[Air-l] From Lurking to Querying (questions about graduate studies)

Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 5 22:43:49 PDT 2006

Dear Ivan -

I figure a public reply might help as things may vary
considerably in Canada from US or Australia (where I
am based).

In the "olden days" the student picked a supervisor
and followed them wherever they went, even moving
universities to stay with the supervisor, possibly as
a teaching assistant, but most certainly as an active
participant in her/his research.

Even today, I think that the relationship with the
supervisor is still vital.  (I had five supervisors in
total - poor planning on my part played a significant
role, other factors were mot mine, such as
retirements, ill health, etc.).  But the FINAL
supervisor was the best!!! In a field outside of mine,
in a school outside of my knowledge base (BUT) a guy
willing to discuss anything with me and conscientious
about meetings, drafts, reviews, and etc.

So I personally would never pick a school over the
person that would be supervising (which was my
previous mistake - I looked at the disciplinary
possibilities without considering the person).

Having said all that, if it is a coursework Master's
then naturally what the school has to offer is

Hope this helps.  Cheers, Denise

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