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Sam Tilden tildensam at yahoo.com
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I could not agree more. Great thought!. Frankly, I'm a hitchhiker in the galaxy looking for the universal thruth that can only be found with failure.
  The great thinkers have had great thoughts but have been preceeded with great failures.
  My advice is to publish what you have and then go back and apply the lessons of your failure.

Deanya Lattimore <mdlattim at syr.edu> wrote:
  Charlie --

Charlie Balch wrote:
> Darn. There goes a good idea for a paper.

You know, one great thing about research is that it's all partial; 
that's why that section exists to discuss methodology and why that 
section exists to discuss the results. I was always taught that even 
research that presented "flawed data" was good because it got done. 
Write it up and send it out and suggest that researchers attempting to 
replicate the study do a few things differently.
I'd love to see the article; I'll bet that you'll identify some 
concerns that others would invest in extending the research to test for 


On Sunday, October 15, 2006, at 01:24 PM, Charlie Balch wrote:

> Deanya,
> Great points. I often wonder if there is such a thing as good data.
> I've got two classes that I'm thinking of comparing. One class meets
> Monday-Wednesday and the other Tuesday-Thursday. Both are at the same 
> time.
> I think the student population is about the same. I did not do a 
> pre-test
> and agree with you that should be done before an intervention.
> Darn. There goes a good idea for a paper.
> Charlie
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> Hey Charlie!
> To make this study more useful, here're some suggestions for isolating
> variables -- ...

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