[Air-l] dictation systems and netspeak

Kathy Mancuso kmancuso at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 13:27:40 PDT 2006

Hi AoIR folk,

Today I was talking about internet language with my advisor, who does
disability work and thus has worked with speech-to-text/dictation
systems like Dragon Naturally Speaking, and I was explaining about the
visual and linguistic playfulness of 1337/hacker speak, and she asked
if there was any information yet on the impact of dictation systems on
the way language was being used online.  I don't know, so I defer to
the list: does anyone know if the characteristic errors of
speech-to-text programs are making their way into the online language
landscape as more heavy computer users develop typing injuries, or if
it's too soon to tell?  Anyone have any predictions?

There was a list specifically for computer-mediated communication that
I think might be called CMCSLING or something, which I'm on but can't
find the address of: could someone cross-post this over there?


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