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Et Al,

For those of you that think my comments to this listserv have been an act of
"pugnacious trolling", I offer this for your flaming.

The Center for Internet Research was formed to help shape the new discipline
of "Internet Studies." If AOIR did not exist we would have founded it. To
that end we support the activities of this association and embrace the level
of scholarship promised.

We believe that Internet scholarship should embrace the full spectrum
technologies that are available in the computer assisted communications. To
do otherwise reflects a deeper misunderstanding or ignorance of the subjects

We believe that in the spirit of cross-disciplinary communications it is
basic to develop the appropriate cognitive frameworks to support the various
disciplinarities and level of collaboration.

We believe that in defining the various disciplinarities it is essential to
explicitly define the levels of collaboration and cross methodologies.

We believe that rules of discourse should be explicitly defined and not
subject to social custom or tacit understanding.

We believe scientific communications should not be closed to dispute and
public examination.

We believe that in order to foster the ability to get funding, all attempts
to communicate should not be academically dense and pretentious. This will
enable the body of stakeholders to be received as credible and accountable
to funding sources.

We should make all attempts possible to embrace the deep learning of the
various disciplinarities, while at the same time encouraging them to seek a
broader base of scientific solutions and schema.

We believe that defense of the status quo reflects the defender more than
the challenger.

We believe that disciplinarities investigating in parallel does nothing to
lead towards establishing a unique field of investigation.

We believe that all methodologies should be scientifically rigorous.

These beliefs are supported by:

"The Production Of Knowledge" by Gibbons et all
"Disciplinary differences and University Teaching" by Ruth Neumann
"Multidisciplinary Working Group" by Martin Schoonen
"Cross Talking" by Jeanette D. Hoit
"Hypercomplexity and Digital Media Studies" by Jeff Rutenbeck
"The Hypercomplex Society" by Lars Qvortrup
Air-1 Comments by Charles Ess, Ellis Godard and others.

Back to my goats,


See: http://www.dialecticxy.org

P.S. Yes I know this is not in APA approved citing format! 


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