[Air-l] Avatar interactions in virtual spaces: just mechanics?

Sarah Brooke Robbins intellagirl at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 07:02:11 PDT 2006

Some of you may have read this article. I'm very curious about the findings
here. I've always held that conventions and social mores in virtual
environments are more dependant on the mechanics of the environment (what's
possible dictates what is done). It also seems the user skill wasn't really
taken into account. If I don't know how to perform that actions required to
display social interaction with another avatar does that mean I'm not

In case you missed it:

Title: Concept of 'personal space' survives in virtual

Sub: Psychologists find real-world social rules
mirrored in 'Second Life' interactions.

By Jim Giles

(Published 11-SEPT-06)

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