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> Subject: [cultstud-l] The 3rd International Congress of Qualitative  
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> The Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2007) :
> Qualitative Inquiry and the Politics of Evidence (http:// 
> www.qi2007.org)
> The Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take  
> place at
> the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, from May 2-5, 2007.  
> The theme
> of the Congress, building on Jan Morse, is "Qualitative Inquiry and  
> the
> Politics of Evidence." Participants will explore the politics of   
> evidence
> and truth  and what these terms mean for qualitative inquiry in  
> this new
> century. If we as qualitative researchers do not define these terms  
> for
> ourselves, someone else will.
> Questions to be considered include: In qualitative inquiry, What is  
> truth?
> What is evidence? How is evidence evaluated? Can evidence be  
> manipulated? "
> How can qualitative research inform the policy-making process? How is
> qualitative  evidence represented, discounted, or judged to be  
> unacceptable?
> What is a fact? What is true, or false, or evidence is determined by
> socially defined criteria. Different discourses--law, medicine,  
> history,
> cultural, or performance  studies--- define qualitative evidence
> differently.
> The Congress will consider the influence of scientifically based  
> research
> (SBR) models on qualitative inquiry. These models are becoming quite
> influential in other nations (U.K., South Africa, Australia). The  
> Congress
> will  also consider what evidence and truth mean under the terms of
> postpositivism, poststructualism, indigenous, democratic,  
> postcolonial,
> queer, feminist, performative, and  participatory models of inquiry.
> Participants will explore new ways of evaluating and using   
> qualitative
> evidence in social policy arenas. They will examine how new  
> understandings
> of qualitative evidence can advance the goals of social justice and
> progressive politics.
> Session Themes will include, but not be confined to, rethinking  
> such terms
> and topics as:  mix-methods, voice, authenticity, lived  
> experience,  the
> politics of evidence, evidence-based research, research design,  data,
> empirical material, epistemology, triangulation,  validity,  
> reliability,
> coding, sampling, induction, deduction,  naturalism, generalizability,
> science, analysis,  interpretation, rules of inference,  models of  
> quality,
> case-based, collaborative, mixed and multi-method approaches,   
> narrative and
> performative criteria of evaluation, criteriology, pragmatism,  
> interpretive
> rigor, constructivist criteria, action-based criteria,
> transformative-emancipatory criteria,  warrantability, writing as
> interpretation,  trustworthiness,  collaborative  action research,  
> auto- and
> performance ethnography, arts-based inquiry, coloring epistemology,  
> colonial
> and post-colonial epistemologies,  critical performance narratives,  
> critical
> pedagogy,  democratic methodologies, discourse, ethnodrama,  
> epistemology,
> social justice criteria, the ethics of evidence, ethics and IRBs,   
> womanist
> inquiry, critical focus groups, funding qualitative health care  
> research,
> new rules of evidence for grounded theory, advocacy as method,  
> qualitative
> evaluation inquiry, new technologies of evidence and inference.
> We invite  your submission of paper, poster  and session proposals.
> Submissions will be accepted online only from October 1 until  
> December 1
> 2006. Conference and workshop registration will begin December 1,  
> 2006. To
> learn more about the Third International Congress and how to  
> participate,
> please email info at qi2007.org.
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