[Air-L] public/private

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Sat Aug 11 15:43:12 PDT 2007

> . for one of the hallmarks of human subjects
> protection is that the data NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE INDIVIDUAL

actually, no, that's not a great interpretation of the current  
guidelines.  that might be the interpretation of your board, but it  
is not a universal interpretation of the rules.  there is no  
prohibition on harm, it is a balancing of harm, or a minimal risk of  
harm in relation to the public benefit.  It is not important that the  
data be connected to the individual, it is that it is private data.   
published data is very hard to claim as private data.

for those very interested in these topics:  http://www.irbforum.org/

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