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The article reads like a lifestyle/puff piece, and as mentioned earlier, has that same "those wacky ________" angle that third party political candidates and activists get all the time. I'd bet some intern did all the reading and supplied pithy excerpts. Pity a paper like the Post has lost the ability to write straight-up news stories.

My experience with most of the mainstream press is that they get (or are given) their frame and backfill to reinforce it.

I recall a CBS reporter calling me for a story (excited!) on micro radio and she wanted me to connect her to some "grandmother in the midwest" running a pirate radio station (WTF?). Seriously, that is almost verbatim. Not "what is going on," but "show me this."


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On Sun, 16 Dec 2007, Radhika Gajjala wrote:

> more than "academia" or "discipline" being mocked - my concern is
> that an up and coming young scholar has unfairly been highlighted and
> immaturely positioned as a target of older academics before her work
> has had a chance to hit center stage properly.
> This to me shows that the reporter was being very irresponsible in
> writing up the story and used mostly hearsay. I too like Dana and her
> blogging on social networking daily lives is very useful to me and my
> students as we try to understand these practices. I know her a bit
> (mostly through social networking sites actually:)) and I hardly
> think she would go around telling reporters she has had "death
> threats"...
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