[Air-L] research ethics world wide? - PS

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 17 01:20:11 PST 2007

No Charles your previous email seem generous and gave me some leads  
to follow up on and showed that I had some grasp of a relevant topic.

I have browsed your past work too but you offered some new leads.

so me thanking you actually.

remember that both email and computers generally show the fallibility  
of language.

Peter, who is preparing for work today at Statistics Canada in this  
snow storm.

On 17-Dec-07, at 4:10 AM, Charles Ess wrote:

> Very sorry, Peter, if my previous note seemed too abrupt - too much  
> email
> this morning ... (so what's different?)
> Let me at least now include: thanks very much for making the  
> observation,
> contributing your own experience (Elizabeth Buchanan and I would  
> _love_ to
> talk with you about that!), and raising what for many of us is an
> increasingly urgent question.
> Again, any additional comments, insights, etc. that you - and/or other
> AoIR-ists can offer from your own experiences would be greatly  
> appreciated!
> with all best wishes,
> -c.
>> Now my question for cross border scholars are the research ethics
>> much different based on the privacy laws in Canada, the USA, Europe
>> or Asia?
>> Of course I am more interested in privacy law differences than the
>> actual ethics. But I am curious if there is an effect from the laws
>> on the ethics?
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