[Air-L] cell phone prevalence?

Richard Stevens stevensr at smu.edu
Wed Dec 19 07:41:52 PST 2007

Hmmn. I don't know about evidence, but Paul Goldberger noticed this 
same shift in 2003:

Paul Goldberger, "Disconnected Urbanism," Metropolis, (November 2003).

I have my students read this article as part of a technology 
reporting class I offer every other year.



>I recently did an interview with a smart reporter, Eric Weiner, from
>NPR (US National Public Radio). In it, I opined that one of the most
>prevalent Qs when people talk on mobile/cell phones is "Where are you"?
>Eric is wondering if there is any systematic evidence on this.
>He needs to know quickly, but I think other list members would like to
>know too, so please copy to the list (and to me, personally).
>eweiner at npr.org
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