[Air-l] student inquiry

Garman, Allison P. agarman at tulane.edu
Tue Feb 27 14:36:13 PST 2007

Hello all!

My name is Allison Garman, and I am a student at Tulane University. I am taking an Internet Social Networking class and was referred to you by my Professor to ask for help regarding my semester research project. I am exploring the nature of internet career sites such as careerbuilder.com and monster.com in relation to how they frame themselves, how and why people use them, and if there a sense of community that comes out of participation. Does anyone know of any literature on career web sites? Or even literature on job searches in general (via newspaper ads, etc.) would be MUCH MUCH appreciated. 

Please email me back at agarman at tulane.edu

Thank you in advance! 

All the best,

Allison Garman

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