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Apologies for multiple sightings of this message. Further info at the conference website, http://www.reap.ac.uk/eventsADLR.html <https://nemo.strath.ac.uk/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.reap.ac.uk/eventsADLR.html> 

International Online Conference sponsored by the REAP Project

Assessment design for learner responsibility

29th to the 31st May 2007

You are invited to contribute to an innovative Online International Conference exploring the interplay between the theory and practice of assessment and feedback in HE in the digital age.  We are especially interested in assessment designs that result in enhanced motivation and engagement and that help equip students to monitor and manage their own learning and feedback.

How to Contribute

The first way you can contribute is by submitting a short reflective case study of an implementation, design or institutional strategy for assessment or feedback. These should be submitted by 14th March 2007.  All case studies that meet a minimum standard will be added, with your name attached, to a digital repository of case studies that will be one of the main conference outputs, regardless of whether you also "attend" and contribute to the conference.   We aim to have this collection become an important reference point in the field for those developing both assessment theories and practices. Authors who submit more than one study, or whose study falls under more than one heading are especially welcome.  A number of the cases submitted will be highlighted for discussions led by featured facilitators.  So if you have a case of particular interest, then here is an opportunity to have it discussed by those at the forefront of assessment thinking and practice.

The second way you might contribute is to submit a set of principles of good assessment and feedback practice to add to those we already have (see below).  Again, the due date is by 14th March 2007.

The third way, of course, is to participate in the conference itself and the discussions. These will be archived (with the participants' contributions identified) and form another major output of the conference. Participants should pre-register (no money involved) in the period 10-18th May 2007.

Journal publications and an edited book on assessment based on the conference archive are being planned. 

Conference Themes

This conference is being organised as part of the Re-engineering Assessment Practices (REAP) project (see www.reap.ac.uk <https://nemo.strath.ac.uk/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.reap.ac.uk/> ), a £1m initiative funded by the Scottish Funding Council under its e-Learning Transformation initiative.  Focusing on assessment for learning in tertiary education the conference has three themes to be addressed through keynotes, case studies and structured discussions.

1.       Assessment and the first year experience

2.       Great designs for assessment

3.       Institutional strategies (designs) for assessment

Keynotes and Facilitators

Keynote speakers leading on the three themes include:

·         Mantz Yorke, Visiting Professor in the Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK.

·         David Boud, Professor of Adult Education and Dean of the University Graduate School at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

·         Trudy Banta, Professor of Higher Education and Vice Chancellor of Planning and Institutional Improvement at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Conference facilitators, experts in the field of assessment and learning (e.g. Derek Rowntree, Terry Mayes), will chair online sessions where theory and practice will inform discussion and debate.  Other facilitators will be announced shortly.  

To contribute to the REAP conference please visit the REAP website at: http://www.reap.ac.uk/eventsADLR.html <https://nemo.strath.ac.uk/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.reap.ac.uk/eventsADLR.html> 


On behalf of Dr David Nicol, Director of REAP project 


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