[Air-l] MySpace sued again ...

Marj Kibby Marj.Kibby at newcastle.edu.au
Thu Jan 18 19:09:42 PST 2007

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>>> Hugemusic <hmusic at ozemail.com.au> 01/19/07 1:28 PM >>>
In the MySpace cases, a crime was committed by someone against a minor. 
We're not talking about "metal-inspired" teen  suicide ...

Metal was used as an 'excuse' in more than one murder trial. 

OSPs including MySpace have a 'safe harbor' against copyright breaches
provided they act against the infringing party once they know about the

It seems strange that they would be seen as obligated to protect members
from other members who might lie, beyond publishing warnings and
providing blocking facilities, and acting against members once they know
they have transgressed.
Speaking of moral panics, I think this is just another example of the
public's enthusiasm for "the internet as deliverer of evil" stories.


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