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Hello John:

Thank You for writing.  I am a member of LinkedIN, and read Thomas Powers blog.  I am pretty active on ecademy and have heard rumors that they are selling ecademy, that was about 2 months ago, so not sure how true it is.  I live 35 miles West of Washington DC, so I am going to write to Penny, and see if they are heading my way in their RV, would like to meet them.

I will keep researching Virtual communities until I feel a know what is going on.


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Hello Jess

Some of us have a lot of experience on many social networks. I think the 
general opinion is that both Ryze and Ecademy which were both early 
leaders in the field have lost their leadership.

In  the case of Ryze, the management  were far too inactive for a long 
time. They that made a sudden change in exactly the wrong direction and 
they lost a large part of their most experienced network leaders.  Ryze 
is making a slow comeback, no fuss, no big campaign, just regular small 

In the case of Ecademy, there was an urge to take over the world. A 
world tour by Thomas Power. Association with the XL Corporation. The 
campaign the turned LinkedIn "Blue".  And the campaign to make every 
member of Ecademy a paying member. Many are saying this was caused by 
the fact that Mr and Mrs Powers believe in the "Law of Attraction". 
Anyhow the thinking became both hard-nosed about money and airy-fairy 
about how the world worked. Ecademy shot itself.

For your entertainment read this. (You need to be a member of LinkedIn)


If you need to join LinkedIn, I suggest you begin here. 


Jess Porter wrote:
> I am the leader of the Virtual communities Club on Ecademy.  I was wondering, if anyone or two would be interested in speaking in my club forum.  I can give membership for this purpose to anyone interested.
> A couple topics of Interest would be a comparison between ecademy and some of the other business clubs, like LinkedIN, or OpenBC, etc.  Or a talk about how people's social lives are being changed by the Internet. 
John Stephen Veitch
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