[Air-l] audio/video at IR conferences

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Sun Jul 1 10:23:24 PDT 2007

>  While the actual recording itself would still require hardware and 
>at least one
>person to man a microphone / camera, hosting the resulting files via one
>of the online vid services could externalize that cost.

Storage is not the issue. Cameras and at least one person per room to 
do recording and ensure that the hardware/cameras don't go walking 
are. Given that no one wants to man a camera in one room for a full 
day, it really means a team of probably about 20 or more volunteers 
willing to not only record, but also manage the editing and 
uploading. That is not trivial, and except for a couple of people 
saying "I'll audiorecord my session" this list has not now (nor has 
it ever) overflowed with those willing to offer their own labor for 
the fruits they wish to reap.

It's not that it can't be done. It's that it's much more human labor 
than most people recognize and far more people want the product 
delivered without doing the work to create said product.


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