[Air-l] audio/video at IR conferences

Richard Smith smith at sfu.ca
Sun Jul 1 20:02:12 PDT 2007


If we decide to go this route, then I will use my laptop - I lecture  
regularly in the room we're using for the plenaries - and the  
"ProfCast" application (highly recommended if you are using a Mac, by  
the way).

I will "encourage" the presenters to give me their slides beforehand  
and I have an arrangement with the a/v folks in the building to give  
me a "line out" feed from the "house" audio so that the wireless  
lapel mic comes in to the laptop. The result is very pleasing.

That, coupled with a few snaps of the speaker from the audience,  
would be much preferable to a long video and you get an "enhanced"  
quicktime version of the slides in which the audio is synced.

The cost is zero, and the result is most pleasing. I'd be happy to  
show anyone who has a Mac laptop how to do this, as it is an  
excellent way to record your lectures. I did this, actually, in my  
talk at AoIR7 in Brisbane - and actually did the "podcast" while I  
was talking.

On 1-Jul-07, at 3:38 PM, elw at stderr.org wrote:

>> I think the screencast idea makes more sense. One possibility  
>> would be to
>> use a product like Camtasia (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia/ 
>> record.asp),
>> which would enable individuals to record a screencast of their PPT/ 
>> Keynote
>> presentation and accompanying audio. Individual presenters could  
>> download
> screencasting is complicated by the need of presenters to use their  
> own
> laptops - which may be macintosh, windows, linux, solaris, whatever  
> - and
> the reluctance of presenters to let some aoir flack mess with their
> critical-to-ongoing-research hardware.
> you can't just say, "oh just run camtasia", and be done.
> --e
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