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Nishant Shah itsnishant at gmail.com
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Hey Hilary,
I am not particularly sure whether you are looking at Cultural Citizenship
in the context of a particular socio-political context (though I find it
hard to imagine how you can envision a universal category of that sort), but
I recently came across a very brilliant presentation and paper by Audrey Yue
(English and Cultural Studies, Melbourne University, Australia) who
presented a paper on Creative Cultural Citizenship at the Inter Asia
Cultural Studies Conference, Shanghai, 2007. Yue's presentation was on the
queer communities in Singapore and how they negotiate with the State's
imagination of Singapore as a global country, to assert cultural
citizenships which were otherwise looked askance at by the law.
Hope it is of some help,

On 7/2/07, Hilary W <fluffylittlebunny at gmail.com> wrote:
> My message:
> Hello!
> Anyone study Vernacular Creativity and/or Cultural Citizenship?  I need to
> find some texts and haven't studied in this area before, and alas,
> currently
> I am in-between Universities and do not have library access to academic
> journals! (The horror, the horror)
> I am just about to get stuck into my PhD - on yet an entirely different
> topic, and other than that, working in the wonders of the IT world (NB,
> you
> may have noticed a recent Irish ad. campaign).  Mind is everywhere
> currently!
> However, the reason I am so interested in vernacular creativity and
> cultural
> citizenship is due to the phenomenon of  Frank Warren's "Postsecret"
> (found
> here if you are not yet aware->http://postsecret.blogspot.com/). I'm
> looking
> at the transformation of the Postcard to the "Postsecret".  The Postcard
> being a rather mundane and now outdated method of communication and
> cultural
> creativity, which in my mind, has undergone with the help of Warren's
> idea,
> a transformation to the "Postsecret" - individually created, produced and
> published.
> Any thoughts or comments? This is the second paper which I plan to present
> at AOIR, and with help and advice, hopefully something which many others
> will find interesting.
> -H
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> Hilary Wheaton BA (Hons)
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