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Caroline Haythornthwaite haythorn at uiuc.edu
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US census data goes back that far -- try these sites.  /Caroline

Robert Kominski & Eric Newburger (1999). Access Denied: Changes in Computer 
Ownership and Use: 1984-1997. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the 
American Sociological Association, Chicago, Illinois. http://www.census.gov/

I used this source to get numbers from 1984 on. 
Computers and Internet Use in  the United States: 2003.  http://

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>Hi everyone--I am seeking internet usage statistics for the U.S. from 1988
>to 1995. The later years are easier to find but I can find nothing on the
>earlier years. Any ideas where I can find these? Are these even available?
>I've done some initial searches, but no luck. Any help would be much
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