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I read this and there is a compelling argument. 
  I am arguing for transdisplinary methods, perspectives and vocabulary, with the commitments that will involve. 
  I was unmoved by that writing as it pertains to this agenda.
  I'm squarely opposed to "institutionizing" into a discipline. Let's hear it for the commons!

Nancy Baym <nbaym at ku.edu> wrote:
  This discussion echoes the theme of a special 
issue of The Information Society I edited in 
which researchers from several disciplines 
contemplated the disciplinary status of 'internet 
research.' The (a?) short story was that the 
authors independently argued that it was in our 
best interest to avoid becoming an 
institutionalized discipline.

Here is the table of contents:

Vol. 21, No. 4

Special Issue: ICT Research and Disciplinary 
Boundaries: Is "Internet Research" a Virtual 
Field, a Proto-Discipline, or Something Else?


Internet Research as is Isn't, Is, Could Be, and Should Be
Nancy K. Baym


Fizz in the Field: Toward a Basis for an Emergent Internet Studies
Steve Jones

Internet Research and the Sociology of Cyber-Social-Scientific Knowledge
Christine Hine

Digital Media and Disciplinarity
Jonathan Sterne

Disciplining the Future: A Critical Organizational Analysis of Internet Studies
Annette N. Markham

Who Wants to be a Discipline?
Naomi S. Baron

Internet Indiscipline: Two Approaches to Making a Field
Wesley Shrum

Towards a Transdisciplinary Internet Research
Jeremy Hunsinger

Science and Technology Studies Approaches to Internet Research
John Monberg

New Media/Internet Research Topics of the Association of Internet Researchers
Ronald E. Rice

The Internet in China: A Meta-review of Research
Randolph Kluver and Chen Yang

Making Space for Religion in Internet Studies [Abstract]
Heidi Campbell

ICT Research, the New Economy, and the Evolving 
Discipline of Economics: Back to the Future?
Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht

You can read abstracts here:

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