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Amy S. Bruckman asb at cc.gatech.edu
Mon May 21 19:33:59 PDT 2007

I actually use this topic as an in-class discussion.  The class is CS
4001 Computers, Society an Professionalism, our required ethics (and
argumentation) class.  Our text (Writing Arguments by Ramage et al)
has a nice chapter on evidence.  We talk this through as a way of
exploring what would be proper evidence for the pros and cons on both
sides.  And how best to present that evidence.

When I announce what today's discussion topic will be, the expressions
on the faces of the students with laptops open is absolutely priceless!

What I think is important (and this is the top-level point of the class as
a whole) is not giving the students a particular answer, but making
sure they *ask the question*, and find the answer that works for them.
(Is this helping me?  Is this distracting me?  Am I here because I have
to be, or because there's something I want to get out of it?  Etc.)

-- Amy

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