[Air-l] usf bloggers - blogging across a campus community

David M Silver dmsilver at usfca.edu
Wed May 9 13:40:41 PDT 2007


for those of you interested in community blogging ...

usf bloggers ( http://usfbloggers.com/ ) is an aggregation of blogs
related to the university of san francisco. it brings together on one
page blogs from USF students, classes, organizations, staff, librarians,
and faculty. usf bloggers was developed by las indias (
http://lasindias.net/ ), designed by fernando martín díaz, and built
with feevy ( http://www.feevy.com/ ).

the best part is that usf bloggers takes a hierarchical institution (a
university) and remixes its ingrediants (students, staff, faculty) onto
a non-hierarchical space. it defies putting people into categories.

at launch, USF bloggers includes seventeen blogs. i am sure it will grow
in the summer. next fall, when USF welcomes new freshmen, transfer
students, and international students (some who blog), it will grow in
new directions.

david silver

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