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A bit more on the topic from Theresa Anderson's and my conference presentation

I won't elaborate now on issues of combining f2f and online teaching, 
combining creative and academic work, and addressing needs of academic and 
professional education because you can find some details at the address 
above. This discussion links nicely with questions about academic traditions.

My apologies for sending the previous message twice. The first didn't come 
through, so I cut it and sent it again later, but now they are both available.

At 12:33 PM 22/05/2007, you wrote:
>I actually use this topic as an in-class discussion.  The class is CS
>4001 Computers, Society an Professionalism, our required ethics (and
>argumentation) class.  Our text (Writing Arguments by Ramage et al)
>has a nice chapter on evidence.  We talk this through as a way of
>exploring what would be proper evidence for the pros and cons on both
>sides.  And how best to present that evidence.
>When I announce what today's discussion topic will be, the expressions
>on the faces of the students with laptops open is absolutely priceless!
>What I think is important (and this is the top-level point of the class as
>a whole) is not giving the students a particular answer, but making
>sure they *ask the question*, and find the answer that works for them.
>(Is this helping me?  Is this distracting me?  Am I here because I have
>to be, or because there's something I want to get out of it?  Etc.)
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