[Air-L] Why aren't more websites accessible?

Mike Bennett mike.bennett at ucd.ie
Fri Nov 30 06:18:55 PST 2007

Glen you might find Trulock's 2005 survey of the accessibility of  
websites in Ireland useful. It was a follow on to McMullin's study in  
2002. She goes into lots of details about her method for ascertaining  
the degree of inaccessibility.

* Trulock, V. "A Comparative Investigation of Accessibility Levels of  
Irish Websites", 2005

  Short version: http://www.iia.ie/resources/download/32/
  Full MSc: http://www.ilikecake.net/accessibility/ 

* McMullin, B. "WARP: Web Accessibility Reporting Project Ireland  
2002 Baseline Study", 2002

Both these studies got, and continue to get, a lot of attention from  
the Irish web development community. I suspect they helped raise  
local awareness of designing for accessibility.

- Mike

On 28 Nov 2007, at 07:16, Glen E. Farrelly wrote:

>   While I believe the perceived cost and effort to make websites  
> accessible is a significant reason, I was hoping to find research  
> into other factors.  If anyone knows of any research in this area -  
> or in ascertaining the degree of inaccessibility - I would greatly  
> appreciate any tips, links or advice.

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