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Efrat Ben-Yehuda ebenyehu at sfu.ca
Thu Oct 18 10:34:17 PDT 2007

Hello R
It was good to see you today and I just wondered what would you think  
regarding my offer:
I have missed the application dead line for presenting a paper  in  
this great conference, however, I am suggesting that if someone is  
not arriving, perhaps I can take the space and fill in the gap, - it  
will be great to gain the experience
Thanks for your consideration
Hope to see you in the panels
On 13-Sep-07, at 3:33 PM, Richard Smith wrote:

> Dear Air-ant academics,
> If you thought you were going to get through the month of September
> without a missive from me, you were sadly mistaken. I am here, as
> always, to remind you that there are things relating to the
> Association of Internet Research conference that you have to pay
> attention to. Or, at least I HOPE you will pay attention to them. Not
> much, as it turns out, is left unsaid and I think you can safely
> assume that you won't hear from me again until I am toasting you at
> the welcoming reception (Wednesday evening, October 17, first 100
> people get a free beverage...).
> OK, so why the email? Here are the remaining things, in order of
> importance:
> If you have a paper accepted and it is in the schedule then you MUST
> register AND show up. We really don't want a bunch of last minute
> cancellations at the last minute. Please. Professional courtesy - to
> us as organizers, and to your colleagues who may have come from
> around the world to see you - requires that you withdraw if you can't
> make it. If you are *not* going to be there - and you surely must
> know by now - then send Mia an email and she can take you off the
> program and I can cancel that lovely cappuccino and cake that we had
> saved for you. Not to mention the slice of pie we've been keeping in
> the back of the fridge. The teenagers want it!
> The schedule is on the wiki (check out http://wiki.aoir.org) and it
> contains your paper, slotted into a presentation (if you submitted a
> paper and had it accepted, that is). Check the listing. Make sure we
> have your name spelled correctly. Is your title correct? We will be
> printing what you see in that spreadsheet, so don't be shy if you
> think there is a mistake. And if you don't think you should be listed
> (because you aren't coming, see above, then let us know now).
> Although this is in the web site and must have been mentioned here a
> few times, let's get this in, just in case you have forgotten. The
> conference is in downtown Vancouver, CANADA, at the Vancouver campus
> of Simon Fraser University. The street address is 515 West Hastings
> Street, V6B 5K3. You can tell any cab driver "Hastings and Seymour"
> or "Hastings and Richards St" and he /she will get you there. The
> Delta Hotel is right across the street and the Ramada is around the
> corner ("Ramada,on Pender near Richards St" you can tell your cab
> driver and look like a local).
> If you haven't booked your hotel yet, do it soon. I hear there are
> only 10 rooms left at the Delta. You will want a place to stay in
> Vancouver. Have you been watching the Pacific North West's weather
> (sunny and warm for the past 10 days) on the weather channel and
> thinking you'll sleep in the park? Don't count on it. We'll have a
> rain storm for sure, then. Get a nice room, spoil yourself. You know
> you want to.
> PIE:
> If you haven't discovered it already, there if a Facebook group
> dedicated to the conference and another group dedicated just to *pie*
> at the conference. You might think this is a silly thing, and
> entirely frivolous, but then you'd be .... correct. It is silly. But
> silly and sweet aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, and you will
> find the pie group friendly, fun, and ready for a big feed. There is
> a rumour that people who show up early (Tues evening) can get treated
> to some great pie, courtesy of the conference organizer. I don't know
> how that rumour got started, but I am packing a bib and a fork in my
> luggage. If you get in early, get in touch (SMS, Skype, email...
> whatever).
> If you have them, then ask. Don't be afraid. Don't worry that my
> email box is filling up (of *course* my email box is filling up), I
> am a professional. I can handle it. If you get to town and don't know
> where you are or what you're doing, give me a call. Here is my cell
> phone: 604 715 9916. Regular phone and skype are in the signature,
> below.
> That's all for now, folks. See you in October.
> ...r
> --
> Richard Smith, Professor, School of Communication
> Simon Fraser University, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, CANADA
> V6B 5K3
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> Skype - callto://richard_k_smith
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