[Air-L] What journals for me?

elijah wright elijah.wright at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 19:00:54 PST 2008

On Feb 9, 2008 2:14 AM, Peter Timusk <ptimusk at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Sorry if you do not have time for this just delete it. This is not
> directly about net research.

Certainly related enough that folks on this list will see it and pay
attention. :-)

Given your topic, I think I would suggest starting  with social
informatics research; there's a very good set
of journals listed at http://rkcsi.indiana.edu/index.php/journals that
you can take advantage of.

Community informatics practitioners (as mentioned in your sig) may
also be a very handy source of
journal recommendations, though I am a lot less familiar with the
publishing going on in that area.

Hope this helps...


> Seems logical for me to ask at this point in this list's history for
> suggestions on what to read in terms of journals to prepare for a
> thesis but more so for a place to write.
> I find myself a member of AOIR and the Canadian Mathematics Society.
> My thesis is not officially started but my boss Leroy Stone a 30 year
> veteran of sociology wants me to look at the baby boom retiring and
> taking their operation knowledge out the door at our workplace.
> Right now I am doing a text search of some documents.
> My program is systems science, my back ground is in critical legal
> studies, statistics, geography and I have been reading since 1997 out
> from a core of QA76.9 social impact of computing studies through
> sociology of science and tech stopping in on hacking laws and reading
> about gender and computing. I have read many of the senior scholars
> on this list so would respect your advice.
> I am probably going to simulate my workplace either as workers moving
> around in and out or as knowledges in this case statistical
> knowledges moving in and out.
> any advice taken
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