[Air-L] Religious Dimension of Sustainable Development

Christian Nelson xianknelson at mac.com
Tue Jan 8 01:52:32 PST 2008

Of course, this all depends on what one calls "religious." There are  
lots of anthropologists who would argue that everyone engages in  
religious behavior, whether they call it that or not. Perhaps that  
argument is made directly somewhere in the literature, but its  
implicit in much of the anthropological literature that specifically  
discusses religion and ritual. Consider, for instance, the literature  
in the communication field concerning the ritual view of  
communication (see James Cary's work and that by his students, like  
Rothenbuhler), which suggests that much if not all communication is  
ritualistic. Consider also the specifically religious and spiritual  
way in which we think about communication, as described by John  
Peters' Speaking into the Air.
--Christian Nelson

On Jan 7, 2008, at 9:51 PM, Barry Saunders wrote:

> I'm amused that you've just told me I'm subhuman. I'd like to see  
> some of this 'scientific proof' that religion is necessary.
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> The theme of the month is "religious dimension of sustainable
> development." There is a religious dimension to the United Nations'
> "Millennium Development Goals" (MDGs), and there is a religious
> dimension to human nature and everything we do. Religion is both
> indispensable and dangerous. It is indispensable to attain full human
> development beyond the physical, biological, and intellectual levels.
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