[Air-L] What is web culture?

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 00:42:22 PST 2008

Conor Schaefer wrote : 'I understood "keys" in this analogy to be access controls, whether in the form of logins to walled-garden communities or basic infrastructure access. But what is "gas"?'
  My brief and hasty analogy was done in good fun (from my pov at least) and is far less encyclopedic than you interpret, Conor. My simpler idea had keys as simply turning on a computer and gas as software. The intention was a little leg pulling in the direction of companies that might run into difficulties with anti-trust laws by selling whole packages all together. A bit too simple, I confess, to keep up with your interpretation. Without wishing to make too much of a shaggy dog story, my analogy also intended an "open air" operation in spoof answer to the tool shed analogy. Since nothin raeally encloses the web, so I thought, it seems to me that a motor pool or mebbe airport analogy would come closer. But as you've seen, my starting point is kind of leaky. I seem to have equated the www with the internet, alas. I hope it wasnt a complete waste of time. ywsyls :-)
  Best, Will

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