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> From: Barry Wellman <wellman at chass.utoronto.ca>
> Subject: [Air-L] broadband/narrow band
> The "band" in broadband stands for bandwidth.
> Once upon a time, when I was only 35, there was only POTS (plain old
> telephone service) to transmit the internet (and its precursors like
> Bitnet) very slowly (I remember 11 characters per second). Although 
> POTSgot faster until it was good enough for reading email in almost-
> real time: 256Kb/second as I recall.
> It wasn't until new technologies came along to transmit information 
> muchmore quickly through not-so-plain phone wires, cable and then 
> satellite.This made it possible to read without cursing our current 
> graphics-heavy web sites. (And to download stuff quickly, instead of 
> overnight.)
> In comparison to the narrow bandwith of POTS (narrowband), the new
> technologies collectively became known as "broadband".
> Want to know more? I'm "sure" Wikipedia has it for you.
> Limping along these days at 500kB (note capital B), but soon to 
> upgrade to 4MB.
> Barry Wellman
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