[Air-L] Webology: Volume 5, Number 1, March, 2008

Alireza Noruzi nouruzi at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 05:55:56 PDT 2008

Dear All, apologies for cross-posting.
We are pleased to inform you that Vol. 5, No. 1 of Webology, an OPEN
ACCESS journal, is published and available ONLINE now.

Webology: Volume 5, Number 1, 2008
TOC: http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/toc.html
This issue contains:

- Science Popularization through Open Access
-- Alireza Noruzi
-- Keywords: Open Access (OA); Popularization of Science; Popularity
of Science; Popular science
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/editorial15.html


- Deterring digital plagiarism, how effective is the digital detection process?
-- Jayati Chaudhuri
-- Keywords: Academic dishonesty; Plagiarism; Plagiarism Detection
Tool; Text Matching Software; SafeAssignment; Safe Assign
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/a50.html

- Delinking: An exploratory study
-- Isola Ajiferuke
-- Keywords: Delinking; Link analysis; Universities; Colleges; Canada; US
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/a51.html

- Generating best features for web page classification
-- M. Indra Devi, R. Rajaram & K. Selvakuberan
-- Keywords: Feature selection; Subset generation; Subset evaluation;
Machine learning; Classification
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/a52.html

- Application of web 2.0 tools in medical librarianship to support medicine 2.0
-- Vahideh Zarea Gavgani & V. Vishwa Mohan
-- Keywords: Web 2.0; Medicine 2.0; Medical Library 2.0; Medical Librarianship
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/a53.html

Book Reviews

- Acquisitions go global: An introduction to library collection
management in the 21st century
--- Jim Agee
--- Book reviewer: Hamid R. Jamali
--- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/bookreview12.html

- Library management in electronic environment
--- Krishan Kumar
--- Book reviewer: Shyama Rajaram
--- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n1/bookreview13.html

Call for Papers: Folksonomies, the Web and Search Engines
-- http://www.webology.ir/cfp.html


Best regards,
Alireza Noruzi, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief of Webology
Website: www.webology.ir
~ The great aim of Open Access journals is knowledge sharing.~

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