[Air-L] Internet language/Netspeak and perceptions thereof

Jasmine Pues marimiko at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 19:49:53 PDT 2008


My name is Jasmine Pues; and I am currently trying to find more resources on
Netspeak/Internet language (English variants, as that's my native language)
and how it is perceived. I often hear that guides to it are meant for
parents (child safety, in the same line that parental controls for some ISPs
are implemented), and that there's some murmurs in the education scene about
the use of similar abbreviations and the general lack of proper
grammar/spelling, but something more concrete would be nice.

I'm already using Crystal's Language and the Internet and the latest PEW
surveys of Internet usage demographics, among some other books (on website
design, language of the media), but if there is any further information that
I'm not aware of, articles or whatnot, that would be much appreciated. I'm
afraid I'm still fairly new to Internet research, after all.

Thank you for your help!


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