[Air-L] Call for Papers related to computer-mediated communication

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I'm very happy to pass this on, on behalf of Dr. Rasha Abdulla (one of the
contributors to our special issue of JCMC (vol. 12, no. 3) on religion and
the Internet) -
charles ess

Dr. Rasha Abdulla, rasha at aucegypt.edu <mailto:rasha at aucegypt.edu>
Call for Papers related to computer-mediated communication

(Apologies for cross-postings)

Dear colleagues,

I have been assigned as editor of a new monthly book series aimed at the
youth audiences in Egypt and relating to computers, the Internet, and
computer-mediated communication in general.

If you have a monograph, book chapter, or article on the subject that you
would like to see published or re-published in Arabic for Egyptian
audiences, please contact me. We will do the translation and all aspects of
design at no cost to the author, who will (of course) have his/her name on
the cover of the book. There is also a small honorarium for the author. The
manuscript could be written specifically for our series, or it could be an
already existing publication in English. It would be especially interesting
if the manuscript tackles an aspect of computer-mediated communication as it
relates to the Arab world, but this is not necessary. The series will cover
a broad range of topics related to CMC and meant for a general audience.

The new book series is a publication of the Egyptian Authority for Cultural
Palaces, which is affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. The book
series aims at increasing knowledge and penetration of computer- and
Internet use in Egypt, and at generating high readership rates of such
topics. As such, books will be sold to the public at a nominal fee of about
1 to 5 Egyptian pounds (about 20 cents to under a dollar).

If you are interested in becoming part of this effort and getting published
in a different language, or if you have any questions or comments, please
contact me at rasha at aucegypt.edu <mailto:rasha at aucegypt.edu>

Thank you very much.
Rasha A. Abdulla, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Journalism and Mass Communication
The American University in Cairo
www.rashaabdulla.com <http://www.rashaabdulla.com/>  

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