[Air-L] Credentials

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 18 21:43:12 PDT 2009

> I  am thinking now more positively about this "name dropping" "title  
> dropping" stuff. And I admit I keep my degrees in frames behind my  
> computer workstation at work. It could mean a loss of job or law  
> suit if I routinely signed my home emails or school emails with my  
> work title. I work with a legal requirement to keep data from  
> respondents private. I can go to jail and be fined if I do breach  
> data.

But this morning (I write these emails from home on my own time I am  
not paid to do this) as I am near to getting my thesis proposal  
approved at school I am in a more positive frame of mind. I am  
focusing on the success I have had discussing Internet studies here  
for a few years since finding this list while looking for a graduate  
studies program at Kingston University in Kingston, Ontario Canada. I  
also seem to have not been charged with data breach at my workplace  
and am handling my government position AOK.

I was going to write something about intellectual exclusion but will  
just leave that term here. I don't think you want to hear my personal  
opinions of professors I have known over the years even if I have  
constructive things to say.

Peter Timusk,
B.Math statistics (2002), B.A. legal studies (2006) Carleton University
Systems Science Graduate student, University of Ottawa.
just trying to stay linear.
Read by hundreds of lurkers every week.
kiitos paljon,  merci,  thank you and muchas gracias for reading.

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