[Air-L] Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom

Kathy Gill kegill at u.washington.edu
Sun Aug 30 22:36:39 PDT 2009

It's meta-analysis.

I spent some time looking through the study when it was released 
week-before-last and had planned to write a blog post about it. Had a 
short discussion on Twitter w/another educator.

When you look at the actual results-- not the narrative -- you'll see 
that the factor that accounted for the most explanation of the 
difference in grades was TIME ON TASK. This factor has nothing to do 
with whether education is conducted on- or off-line per se -- although 
an argument might be made that students who decide to take online 
classes have a different level of motivation for study. IIRC, there was 
no variable for cohort age.

I really should write that post. :-)


(coming out of lurk mode)


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