[Air-L] Invitation to a research survey on the adoption of knowledge management systems

Andrew Wat wat.andrew at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 23:32:47 PST 2009

Dear Charlie,
Thank you for your comment.

The survey/questionnaire is reviewed by my supervisor and the university and
all scales/questions are adapted from literature to this context.

I hope you can pass my questionnaire to your fellow students even though it
seems cryptic to CS students.


On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Charlie Balch <charlie at balch.org> wrote:

> Andrew,
> Your topic and methodology are of special interest to me. Your concept is
> very interesting but your application is weak. Was your survey
> reviewed/approved?

> In review of your survey:
> * You requested a "Code" but failed to supply one.
> * There is an * by most questions but no related footnote.
> * Check your scale descriptors by question and include N/A as an option.
> * There are extraneous text boxes with no instructions as to how to use
> them.
> * You ask many questions about information usage in KSs but fail to ask the
> important questions about how hard it is to get to the information, the
> extent of the information, and the difficulty of adding to the information.
> * You ask many questions about personal sharing and rewards (I'm not sure
> what type of reward you are talking about). You don't ask critical
> questions
> about how well efforts are received and the extent to which efforts were
> requested.
> * Your question coding is distracting - at first I thought there was some
> acronym I should know.

> I liked your use of Google docs as a survey tool. It was interesting.
> Finally, I abandoned your survey as it was too long and many of the
> questions were so vague as to be difficult to answer. Your system did not
> allow for partial responses.
> Charlie
> Charles V. Balch
> Professor of Computer Information Systems
> Arizona Western College

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