[Air-L] Information wants to be ASCII or Unicode? Tibetan-written information cannot be ASCII anyway.

Andrew Russell arussell at jhu.edu
Fri Jul 17 07:39:30 PDT 2009

On Jul 17, 2009, at 8:50 AM, Joseph Reagle wrote:

> On Thursday 16 July 2009, Han-Teng Liao (OII) wrote:
>> ask.  We (internet researchers) need empirical research to see why  
>> and
>> how the Unicode support is implemented in various projects.
> I did not appreciate this point, and it is an interesting one. I  
> haven't followed the literature that takes on standardization as a  
> business or social science concern and so don't know if people have  
> focused on Unicode at all. (I'm thinking of continuations of  
> Cargill's "Open Systems Standardization" and Agre's course  
> "Institutional Aspects of Computing" from the 90s.)

It is an interesting point, and I am more comfortable with the issues  
being framed this way - that is, looking at what people do rather  
than what information "wants".

We had a session on standards at SHOT last year (Session 42 at http:// 
shotlisbon2008.com/program/conferenceschedule13.htm) with one paper  
on Korean Standard Character Code and Unicode by Dong-oh Park.  A pdf  
of his abstract is available from the link; I don't know if he's on  
this list but I can find an email address for him if you want to  
follow up to get the full paper & references.


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