[Air-L] References on social activism and web 2.0

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Dear all,

Please see below for the referenes on social activism and web 2.0 
suggested by members of the list (which also includes some references 
from my own database). For any further suggestions please contact me at 
kavadaa at wmin.ac.uk.

Best wishes,
Anastasia Kavada

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI)
School of Media, Arts & Design
University of Westminster

Harrow Campus, Watford Road, Northwick Park,
Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3TP
United Kingdom
tel: +44 20 7911 5000
email: kavadaa at wmin.ac.uk

*Journal articles and conference papers*

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4^th International Conference on Communities and Technologies. The 
Pennsylvania State University, June 25-27, 2009. Programme available at 


*Case Studies*

**Peer-to-Patent. http://www.peertopatent.org/

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