[Air-L] what sources do you use for a "history of the Internet"?

Sam Ladner samladner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 06:28:02 PDT 2009

Hello all,

I have run into this problem, yet again, and am still looking for a
solution. I'm writing a (very brief) history of the Internet for an article.
I have the following sources, which a) seem outdated and b) not sufficiently

Leiner, B. et al. 1997. ""The Past and Future History of the Internet."
Communications of the ACM, February 1997.
Berners-Lee, Tim. 1998, "The World Wide Web: A Very Short Personal
History",  Retrieved July 9, 2009, 2009 (
World Wide Web Consortium. 2007, "A Little History of the World Wide Web",
Retrieved February 19, 2007 (http://www.w3.org/History.html).

Can anyone point me in the direction of either more recent or more scholarly
sources? I wrestle with using Wikipedia (as many have discussed on this list
in the past). I would prefer, at the very least, a pre-press paper from a

Any help much appreciated.

Sam Ladner, PhD

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