[Air-L] what sources do you use for a "history of the Internet"?

Ismael Peña-López ictlogist at ictlogy.net
Mon Jul 20 06:44:28 PDT 2009

Dear Sam

Maybe not exactly what you asked for, but ...

Berners-Lee, T. (2000). *Weaving the
*. New York: HarperCollins.

Copeland, B. J. (2006). “The Modern History of
In *The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy**, Summer 2006 Edition*.
Retrieved July 10, 2006 from

Hafner, K. & Lyon, M. (1996). *Where Wizards Stay up Late: The Origins of
the Internet <http://ictlogy.net/bibciter/reports/projects.php?idp=771>*.
New York: Touchstone.

Himanen, P. (2001). *The hacker ethic and the spirit of the information age*.
Random House Inc. New York, NY, USA

Levy, S. (1984). *Hackers. Heroes of the computer
*. Champaign: Project Gutenberg.

Raymond, E. S. (1999). *The Cathedral & the
*. (revised edition: original edition 1999). Sebastopol: O’Reilly.

Zakon, R. H. (2006). *Hobbes Internet
*. Version 8.2. North Conway: Zakon.org. Retrieved October 07, 2007 from

Ben Peters (http://www.columbia.edu/~bjp2108/blog/index.html<http://www.columbia.edu/%7Ebjp2108/blog/index.html>)
is doing research on this topic. He might be a good one to ask (Ben, are you
reading this?).

All the best,

Ismael Peña-López

Public Policies for Development and ICT4D
School of Law and Political Science
Open University of Catalonia

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