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Subject: [mobile-society] Ph.D. in the area of Health provision via mobile
    communication (mHealth) in the developing world

Hello all,

Please distribute the attached announcement to those who might be interested in this possibility


Rich Ling

M-health is an emerging phenomenon both in the developed and the developing world. It has been found that m-health is one area where there is a large potential for a meaningful contribution into the lives of individuals.

We are interested in candidates for a three year Ph.D. to be run through the IT University of Copenhagen in the area of health provision via mobile communication in the developing world. The Ph.D. would be at the crossroads between information technology, development studies and evaluation research.

It is possible that the Ph.D. will include interaction with other Nordic Universities that are working in the same area in addition to institutions in developing world. The specific topic of the work could include:

- Survey and evaluation of existing programs
- User and usability studies
- Development studies
- Evaluation and contextualization of mHealth systems

In order to apply please contact Rich Ling (rili at itu.dk) for more information.

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