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Ipswich, MA (PRWEB) November 10, 2009 -- EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) is
bringing its EBSCOhost(r) databases to users-even if users are on their
smartphones. EBSCO has released EBSCOhost(r) Mobile(tm) allowing
researchers to access their EBSCOhost(r) databases via smartphones and
other handheld devices. 


EBSCOhost Mobile allows us to provide users with a platform that makes
the power of EBSCOhost, and its content, highly accessible on the most
popular smartphones and mobile devices.




All databases and services currently available on the EBSCOhost platform
will be available via EBSCOhost Mobile. The EBSCOhost interface is the
most-used research platform currently available in more than 100,000
libraries around the world. Since the interface is the basis for EBSCO
Discovery Service(tm), EBSCOhost Mobile is poised to dramatically impact
mobile searching.


EBSCOhost Mobile provides a convenient way for customers using mobile
devices to find quality content. The main EBSCOhost Mobile screen offers
a number of options including choosing which EBSCOhost database(s) to
search plus setting search options, accessing field codes and specifying




Many of the existing EBSCOhost features such as search modes, limiting
to full text, date ranges, peer-reviewed content or by publication are
available. Users will also be able to search images from their mobile


The result list is scrollable and available data includes citations,
Image Quick View(tm) and access to full text articles. The result list
also features a relevancy indicator and users are able to email results.


Clicking into a result replicates the EBSCOhost user experience
providing researchers with information including author
information/affiliation, links to the source, document type, subject
terms, NAICS/Industry codes along with the abstract, ISSN, Accession
Number, persistent links, images, links to full text, etc. 


The interface has been designed with a lower resolution, simplifying the
interface by removing folders and some other more advanced features for
increased speed and user convenience. 


In addition to providing access to smartphone users, EBSCOhost Mobile
will also work on desktops helping libraries with low bandwidths since
it uses only a fraction of the bytes compared to a traditional EBSCOhost
search. EBSCOhost Mobile will also open up access to research databases
to researchers in remote locations who are only able to access via
satellite links. 


Access To The Full Press Release Available At 


[ http://tinyurl.com/yaxooqv  ]


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!!! Thanks To Kathleen McEvoy / Public Relations Manager / EBSCO
Publishing / For The Heads Up !!!




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