[Air-L] CfP: CSCW 2010 Workshop - The Changing Dynamics of Scientific Collaborations

Cecilia Aragon craragon at lbl.gov
Fri Nov 13 07:38:44 PST 2009

Call for Participation

** Submission deadline: November 20, 2009 **

CSCW 2010 Workshop, Sunday, Feb 7, 2010

The Changing Dynamics of Scientific Collaborations

The confluence of two major trends in scientific research is leading
to an upheaval in standard scientific practice and collaborative
technologies. A new generation of scientists, working in large-scale
collaborations, is repurposing social software for use in
collaborative science. Existing social tools such as chat, IM, and
FriendFind are being adopted and modified for use as group
problem-solving facilities. At the same time, exponentially greater
and more complex datasets are being generated at a rate that is
challenging the limits of current hardware, software, and human
cognitive capability. A concerted effort to create software that will
support new scientific practices and handle this data tsunami is
redefining the collaboratory and represents a new frontier for
computer supported cooperative work.

This follow-on event to a similarly themed workshop at CHI 2009 is
intended to foster community among researchers and practitioners from
multiple disciplines interested in the changing dynamics of scientific

We encourage papers on the following topics, especially those with a
focus on changing practices in these areas:

 * Collaborative scientific applications concerning data gathering,
analysis, sharing, and visualization
 * Case studies concerning data gathering, analysis, sharing and visualization
 * Socio-technical research on scientific collaborations
 * Social networks of scientists
 * Repurposing social software for science
 * Participatory design and/or rapid prototyping for scientific software
 * Distributed data gathering and analysis
 * Time-critical scientific applications
 * Studies of generational differences in how science is done
 * Cross-functional applications and comparisons of a scientific to
a non-scientific field

Paper Submission Instructions:

Submissions should be position papers 2-4 pages in length. Please use
the ACM SIGCHI Template (Word version:
http://www.cscw2010.org/templates/cscw2010pubsformat.doc or LaTeX
version: http://www.cscw2010.org/templates/cscw2010pubsformat.cls) .
All submissions will be reviewed. The possibility of a journal special
issue or book based on expanded versions of the submissions will be
explored following the workshop.

Papers (in .pdf or .doc format) should be submitted via email to
CRAragon at lbl.gov. Please put "CSCW 2010 Workshop Submission" in the
subject of the email.

** Submission deadline: November 20, 2009 **

Notification of acceptance will be sent out on or before December 18, 2009.

For more information, please see the workshop web site:


Cecilia Aragon, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, CRAragon at lbl.gov
Jeffrey Heer, Stanford University, jheer at cs.stanford.edu
Charlotte Lee, University of Washington, cplee at u.washington.edu
Claudio Silva, University of Utah, csilva at sci.utah.edu

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