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'One Click' Live Streaming to the iPhone ; No need for iPhone users to
download any application


NEW YORK (Nov. 12, 2009)- Livestream, the leading live Internet video
platform, today announced the immediate availability of its free service
for streaming live to the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Using Livestream Procaster, users can stream live from their webcam,
video camera or even broadcast their PC or Mac desktop. Livestream
producers can start streaming live to the addressable iPhone and iPod
Touch audience over 3G or Wi-Fi connections, with less than five minutes
of setup.


Livestream is the first to offer a turn-key streaming service that uses
the new H.264 HTTP live streaming functionality included in the native
QuickTime player that Apple has pre-installed on the iPhone. This means
that Livestream producers do not need to obtain iPhone App Store
approval to launch their own iPhone live streaming channel, nor do their
viewers need to install any application. Streams are viewed using the
iPhone's Safari browser.




"A key breakthrough is that the service doesn't require any proprietary
player or application to be installed on the iPhone. Producers are free
to integrate the iPhone live stream with their own website, iPhone
portal or iPhone application using the API provided" explained
Livestream CEO and co-founder Max Haot.


Streaming live to the iPhone requires less than five minutes to install.
Producers simply download and install Livestream Procaster for the PC or
Mac from www.livestream.com/procaster, connect their video camera or
webcam, select iPhone 3G Quality, and press Go Live. User can view the
live streams on their iPhone or iPod Touch by pointing their Safari
browser to the channel they want to view at iphone.livestream.com.




Source With Link To YouTube Video Available At 


[ http://tinyurl.com/yfu772e ]


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