[Air-L] New book: Digital Advertising

Andrew McStay a.mcstay at lcc.arts.ac.uk
Mon Nov 30 06:35:30 PST 2009

Hi - just a quick note to let you know about my new (and first sole authored!) book. Titled "Digital Advertising", published by Palgrave-MacMillan in paper and hardback (www.palgrave.com/PRODUCTS/title.aspx?PID=295747), it offers an overview of: the business of digital advertising, formats and platforms, dataveillance and advertising, user perceptions, relevant law and regulation in the US, Europe and UK, and lastly discussion of creativity in digital advertising. 

It's written so as to be student friendly but also picks up on many of the key debates that many of us are looking at in regards to the nature of dataveillance, political-economy and immaterial labour within web 2.0, and web 3.0 discourses and practices. Whilst there has been a fair amount of discussion of digital advertising from journals such as the Journal of Interactive Advertising, and more traditional advertising and marketing journals, there has been little in the way of books and discussion from media, cultural studies and wider new media theorisation. This book attempts to bridge the divide between business, critical, cultural and creative conceptualisations. That's the sales pitch anyhow!

Best wishes to all,

Dr. Andrew McStay
Senior Lecturer
MA Marketing Communications
University of the Arts London
London College of Communication
Faculty of Media
Elephant & Castle
Blog: http://advertising-communications-culture.blogspot.com/

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