[Air-L] Free Public Domain Tool for Group Polling

Charlie Balch charlie at balch.org
Mon Nov 30 21:56:05 PST 2009

Hello all,
I've just finished http://AskClass.net, a hopefully useful site for getting
group opinions where participants have access to the web. My primary
AskClass.net development goal was the creation of a tool that I could use to
ask class questions in a lab environment on-the-fly but other uses now come
to mind.

The site is easy to use. The "create question" area of AskClass.net allows
authors to create multiple-choice, single-answer questions that can be
discovered by users in the "list questions" area. The entry screens are kept
small for portability to hand-held devices.

Users can answer questions and see the results of other respondents in real
time. To encourage consensus development, users can change their answer so
long as they remain on the question page. There is a FAQ and mouseover help
where appropriate.

Today was the first day that I introduced http://AskClass.net to students
and we had fun. I've also made some changes as a result.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions about where this project might
go. I'm happy to provide my design thoughts upon request.

Source code is available on request but please understand that this project
is under development and features/code are evolving.


Charles V. Balch PhD
Professor of Computer Information Systems
Arizona Western College

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