[Air-L] iPhone App: Super Research Idea Generator!

shira chess chesss at rpi.edu
Wed Oct 14 09:03:46 PDT 2009

Hi everyone,
A friend of mine (a grad student at RPI) designed a research idea
generator iPhone app! It's currently free at the iPhone store... so
enjoy! (The info is listed in his email below.)

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From: Jason Zalinger <jasonzalinger at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 6:08 AM
Subject: My iPhone / iPod Touch App!
To: Jay <jasonzalinger at gmail.com>

Greetings Friends New and Old!

I wanted to share with you the iPhone/iPod Touch application I
designed with RPI undergraduate Devin Ross.

Our app is called Super Research Idea Generator! It's live on the iTunes Store!

This is my first app, and we were looking for a niche.  Sometimes the
research questions work great.  Sometimes they are a little goofy.
You have to use your imagination.  It's actually kind of fun and
stimulating to click "refresh" and see what sort of questions pop
up--at least I think so.  This app is meant to help any students,
writers, journalists and teachers of media/technology to formulate
good research questions to provoke thought for discussion or frame a

You can even add your own words, and email questions you want to save.

It's free for now, but eventually we will charge (probably just $.99).
 Of course, free promotion codes always available for friends, family
and potential employers :)

Spread the word!  All criticism/feedback is welcome and encouraged.
Even if you don't like it, tell us why!


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