[Air-L] Bibliography on Semiotics of web communication

Monica Murero murero.monica at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 05:35:36 PDT 2009

> Please note that I will focus on web campaigning and
> e-mobilisation, and the use of social networks to engage citizens.


There are several resources in this area .
If you are interested in the "current" EU context , take a look at  
the  Rosanna De Rosa's blog - a leading European expert in the field:
http://www.politicaonline.it/  (in Italian)
The blog also includes  international resources:  http://www.politicaonline.it/index.php?page_id=239

A selection of online resources is available on the website of the  
Political Lab at Stanford:
http://pcl.stanford.edu/  . For example:
	• Media Systems, News Delivery and Citizens' Knowledge of Current  
"Transformation of the Public Sphere" essay by Shanto Iyengar and  
James Curran
	• Experimental Designs for Political Communication Research: Using  
New Technology and Online Participant Pools to Overcome the Problem of  
Overview of online experimental research conducted by PCL
	• A New Era of Minimal Effects? The Changing Foundations of Political  
Communication, W.L. Bennett & S. Iyengar
	• Polarization in Less than Thirty Seconds: Continuous Monitoring of  
Voter Response to Campaign Advertising
Feedback graphs and an example of an online feedback dial are  
available from the Senate Ad dial study.
	• Media Systems, Public Knowledge and Democracy: A Comparative Study,  
J. Curran, S. Iyengar, A. B. Lund & I. Salovaara-Moring
	• Media Politics: A Citizen's Guide

There are interesting abstract discussing recent trends in  the IR10.0  
program, where  you can also find author's names for contacts, more  
resources,  etc.

Monica Murero

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