[Air-L] facebook, twitter and annoyances

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Sat Oct 31 08:53:21 PDT 2009

On 31-Oct-09, at 11:06 AM, Barry Wellman wrote:

> Nancy, I think it is more complex. What if there are really
> interesting people whose posts are often filled with gems, but at  
> the same
> posts some self-infatuated or status update stuff ("going for  
> breakfast")
> ("sitting in my garden") stuff which is not interesting to almost all.

"All"... a statistical term used in generalizations. My "all" on  
facebook is only my friends who almost all expect a few aoirs, I have  
met face to face and shared some good times. These are often  
coworkers, high school friends, musicians in my scene and a few  
bosses, family etc. As I set my stuff there to viewable "only by my  
friends" I not so sure in my case that your claim that this is all  
uninteresting holds. It is your judgment or someone else's like the  
journalist's  but hey who are you/they to say?

Most of my status updates are these ordinary day to day things like  
today I am telling people I am home doing paperwork but will be going  
downtown shopping today.

Now I think, I and others do post witty stuff as well. I am a poet at  
times. But sharing wit with friends is cool too. I am not writing on  
facebook for the mass media, as my blogs can do that if people are  
interested in the themes I write about.

I think you are assuming these interesting people are public and I am  
talking about a private facebook social network. Not private from the  
adverts but private for the ordinary person.

I am sure you know something of private networks so now what do you say?

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