[Air-L] Facebook, twitter and annoyances

Katy E. Pearce kpearce at umail.ucsb.edu
Sat Oct 31 16:22:52 PDT 2009

I often contemplate having multiple twitters. My academic followers don't care that I am sitting on the beach right now. My friends don't care that Wednesday was the NCA discount deadline. My Armenian activists followers care for neither.

BUT, would requiring that every tweet took into consideration the multiple audiences (including, possibly, the public?) make it as interesting?

I also like that I know that Nancy Baym outsourced BoingBoing to her son. Would I have read that if I was only following @n.baym.academic?

PLUS, if it is GOOD someone will re-tweet it.

Now, back to the beach,
Katy Pearce

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