[Air-L] facebook, twitter and annoyances

Jason Mittell jmittell at middlebury.edu
Sat Oct 31 17:39:28 PDT 2009

Barry wrote:

> And who the heck cares that you had eggs for breakfast, other than you and
> your partner?

The egg lobby?

Seriously, the most annoying thing to me about Twitter is that when you post
or converse about something, you often get reactions from the metaphorical
egg lobby - companies or groups out to promote their interests by looking
for search terms and "cold calling" users about their products. Just
yesterday I responded to a post asking for advice on survey software - and
got a tweet from a survey software company promoting their product instead.
A great advantage of FB is that you don't have to be friends with the egg

As for the breakfast question - I often get culinary inspiration from what
people say they're eating. No different than a coworker talking about the
great food they had last night for dinner.

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