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Responding to Rosa's response to Barry, a group of individuals representing different universities have created a collaborative, guided system. We use a media tournament framework with online assessment to create a 'virtual institute' model. 

Our time-frame sets up in early june and runs to early august.

If interested, we invite you to pre-register and take our short pre-survey.

Our office will be in touch with further details. We are in the process of analyzing our data from the first three years of the DMSC Governors Challenge and are looking for partners in data analysis. Social Enterprise is priority interest as well. 

On April 15, we will be conducting a serious game and performance event at Nashville State Community College's Spring Fling. From a booth at the local event,  a team of TSU grad and Nashville State capstone marketing students have design the event that will connect Nashville's Kurdish population (largest outside of Kurdistan) with Kurdistan through TSU Educational Leadership Project. 

The TSU group saw this synchronous event as a launch for a "Gobal GovChal" Day: Recruiting a 50-state and global cohort for this 2010 DMSC Governors Challenge event. The event is recruiting media and judging from the field. We like Creative Commons as sandbox for value creation in the educational setting, which is the social enterprise plank. 

We are also collaborating with the TN Campus Compact for Engagement Network Challenge, which calls for student and faculty media (instructional and promotional) that originates in service learning/civic engagement

Our team invites all to visit the site at www.sandboxnetwork.org and engage!

During these next amazing days of intercollegiate sports (Final Four) events, please remember: If we can grow championship athletes, we can grow championship scholars.

All best to all,


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Think. Work. Serve.

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I've been a lurker for too long, and I happen to have a handy starting
point for Barry Wellman's question about who helps whom:

Pew did a study of "social ties" and internet use where the break down
the people, medium, and type of support (e.g., help when someone is
sick, help finding a job, help fixing the house) people get.  Like
your 1990 paper, it's using the Granovetter weak ties framework. it's
a good place to see some simple trends as related to internet use:
(although it doesn't have as conceptually relevant categories as your
paper - this study only uses rather specific activities)


> In 1990, Scot Wortley and I published "Different Strokes from Different
> Folks" in the AmJSoc. Nice paper, showing that different peeps gave
> different types of help. For example, parents gave financial aid; friends
> gave sociability.
> I'm wondering if anyone has done similar research in the Internet age,
> that would also build media in. For ex, emotional support is easier to
> give online than material aid. And perhaps it is time online that is the
> key, rather than role type (in 1990, all we had was phone vs F2f).
> If you have done such research, or know of some, I Urgently need some
> leads. Already published stuff would be great, because it's more
> cite-able, but if you have some working papers, like to hear about that
> too.
> Telling me today would be wonderful.
> Happy Pesach to All,
>  Barry Wellman
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