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Nishant Shah itsnishant at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 00:26:19 PDT 2010

 Dear All,
For the next step of Digital Natives activities at the Centre for Internet
and Society, we are looking for a Digital Natives Research Coordinator. I am
attaching the advertisement for it here and hope that you will be able to
circulate widely and/or also send in suggestions for candidates you think
might be appropriate for the post.

*Digital Natives Research Project Coordinator – Job Advertisement*

The Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore, in collaboration with Hivos
Netherlands, is looking for a Research Project Coordinator to help develop a
knowledge network and coordinate international workshops for the project
“Digital Natives with a Cause?”

The job profile is as follows:

1.       Coordinating international workshops in liaison with regional
partners to produce content for a book mapping technology mediated
interventions by young people in different parts of the world.

2.       Developing a knowledge network of stakeholders in emerging
Information Societies in the Global South, to document debates, discussions
and ideas in the field of Digital Natives.

3.       Working closely with academic researchers, scholars, and
practitioners in the development sector to develop content for an
international website on Digital Natives.

4.       Supervise and coordinate the production of the Digital Natives
research in print and digital content.

5.       Strategise and execute dissemination, design and collaboration
strategies for developing the Digital Natives research areas.

6.       Supervising intellectual and financial logistics for the project.

The candidate should be below 35 years of age and have fluent familiarity
with digital platforms, trends, fashions and activities.  Excellent
communication and planning skills and the ability to work sensitively with
partners in different countries and contexts are expected.

Candidates with an advanced degree in Sociology, Culture Studies,
Communication and Management, with experience in international
programme/project management within the development sector or those working
in the field of youth-politics/youth-technology with experience in
international collaborative projects will be given preference.

The job is based in Bangalore but requires a fair amount of international
travel for logistical and substantial coordination. The position will open
in May and is full-time. The position will be supported by two Project
Associates who shall be selected in consultation with the Research Project

Consolidated consultation fees will be in the range of 34,000 – 45,000
Rupees per month commensurate with experience. International travel and per
diem will be provided based on established CIS standards.

Send in applications in SOFT COPY ONLY, along with an updated CV and samples
of writing or project deliverables to nishant at cis-india.org by the 25th of
April 2010. The Digital Natives with a Cause? Report is available on the CIS
website for further reference at


Nishant Shah
Director - Research
Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore
Asia Awards Fellow, 2008-09
Doctoral Student, CSCS
Phone: +91-(0)-9740074884

Nishant Shah
Doctoral Candidate, CSCS, Bangalore.
Director (Research), Centre for Internet and Society,( www.cis-india.org )

Asia Awards Fellow, 2008-09
# 00-91-9740074884

Nishant Shah
Doctoral Candidate, CSCS, Bangalore.
Director (Research), Centre for Internet and Society,( www.cis-india.org )
Asia Awards Fellow, 2008-09
# 00-91-9740074884

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